Cable TV For Senior Living

Keep Seniors Connected, Comfortable and Entertained

Simple, affordable and robust Video and Internet Solutions

We bring our clients a wide variety of entertainment options throughout your property – in-room and in common areas. Reach out today and find out more about our custom plans tailored to meet your unique needs and goals.

Work with a company that is in-tune with the evolving needs of modern senior living and nursing home facilities, and find out why more senior living communities choose Digitalway Services for all of their in-room and on-premise technology solutions.

From fiber internet to impressive cable and satellite TV solutions, we have everything you need to provide cable and internet to at your facility.

TV SOlutions

Delight residents and attract new customers with custom entertainment solutions

Retirement is a time to relax and enjoy life. Outfit your senior living, nursing home or retirement home with an exhilarating line-up of the best programming available today.

We offer our clients the best technology setups and equipment on the market, all at affordable prices that deliver incredible value. Skip the “box tops” and technical nightmare and enjoy a cable tv solution where we manage everything.

Complete with “community” channels, an incredible line-up of senior TV cable plans in HD programming. Help your guests feel at home, at ease, and on the edge of their seats with excitement.

Internet Solutions

Delight your guests with Internet they can rely on.

More and more seniors depend on reliable, fast and easy to use internet access. Modern seniors spend a lot of time online, from connecting with old friends on social media, to watching videos of their grandkids play. Let us help them stay connected.

Fiber internet solutions offer fast speeds and enable guests to connect quickly and reliably.

Help Your Residents Feel At Home.

Provide your residents with an unbeatable viewing experience that exceeds that which they would get at home.

We provide custom television and internet solutions for your entire property, including common areas (lobby, gym, etc.), administrative areas, and resident rooms. At Digitalway Services you have an improved viewing experience with customized programming and channel selections tailored to resident needs.

We help property owners searching for tv and internet solutions online:

Why Work with Digitalway Services?

Data, video, audio and technology solutions for commercial establishments is what we do best.

Our team has a strong track record of helping senior living facilities, nursing homes and retirement communities update or replace outdated video systems, improving the experience for residents, uplifting the brand’s image and earning more business.

With customized solutions and a customer-centric approach to business, we take time to learn about your needs, budget and expectations, developing a package that best fits your end goal.

As your technology partner, we’re here for you every step of the way, as a valued consultant, experienced installer, and reliable maintenance provider.

You can count on us to get the job done right.