What Property Owner's Are Saying

Everything as promised—and more.

“I made an agreement with tim Murry of Digitalway Services to install a CATV system in my 250 site park. Tim explained how long it would take, what it would entail and what result I could expect. It’s now a month later and I am already receiving great review from campers. They are experiencing excellent picture quality on 48 channels at their sites. Tim has done what I consider an excellent job. The work was performed in the middle of the summer, in a busy park, with virtually no disruption to my business. Tim and his men did everything as promised and more. I would highly recommend Digitalway Services if you want a professional installation done by great quality people.”

—J. Landis, Dayton KOA

Your search is over - you found the best!

“I have owned my RV park for 28 years and have had cable throughout the park for about 20 of them. The cable company had rate increases year after year.It got to the point where the cable bill was getting higher than the power bill. I looked into many options that seemed to be dead ends when I found Digitalway’s website. I called right away and left a message . Within an hour Tim Murry called me and that was one of the best calls I ever made.These guys know just about any thing there is to know about tv systems. I knew after talking with Tim that this was the guy I was looking for! They did a great job installing my 48 channel system and went through my first season without one issue. I was so impressed with the tv system that I also had Digitalway install a wifi system throughout the park.I now offer free wifi and cable and still save a lot of money over what I was spending. I highly recommend Digitalway Services and want to thank them for a great job and would do it again in a minute. I also made some great friends in the process. They will call just to see how your doing.( how often does the cable company call) I know this sounds to good to be true but this is what my experience with Digitalway Services has been. Your search is over, you found the best!” 

—K. Smith, Apple Valley Campground

Flexible and helped us reduce our bill.

“We have owned and operated our RV Resort for eight years. When we built the Resort we installed a cable system and connected to our local cable TV company. We have only one complaint about their service and that was they had no flexibility to reduce our bill during the slow season. During the slow season occupancy dropped and we wanted the flexibility to adjust our cable charges. We then started looking at a satellite TV systems. We selected Digitalway and are glad we did. We were very concerned about the ramification of disconnecting from the cable company. Tim assured us there would be no problems. He was right; his crew converted the Resort over in two days with very little disruption to our customers. If you want a smooth and professional installation, we highly recommend Digitalway Service.” 

—D. Broad, Anchors Aweigh RV Park

happy campers!

“Bear Creek Resort Ranch KOA is located seven miles south of Canton, Ohio in a very rural area where cable is not available. Our customers have been asking for cable for years. Digitalway Services installed cable TV to 80 sites and wireless internet throughout our campground in mid October and before they were even done installing, the ccampers were all asking if it would be turned on that day! The cabins and cottages also now have TVs with clear reception and we have “Happy Campers”. The quality of the equipment and the professionalism of Don and Tim Murry, Eric and employees was outstanding. All work was completed on time and the service provided to our campers is beyond compare. If you are a smaller campground and think you cannot afford to put in cable, think again….you cannot afford not to!” 

—C. & L. Soehnlen, Bear Creek Resort Ranch

Smooth and well done!

“I have had Direct TV installed at my park for just over 5 years now and I can say it has delivered what was promised. The installation by Digital Way Services was smooth and well done. Tim Murray’s crew drove all the way down to Florida from Texas for the installation and they were on time ! His three men crew didn’t waste time; they began installation the moment they drove in. Even when it rained they were working. They installed the boxes and buried all the cables and when they were finished they took me to all the boxes for my inspection. They gave me instructions on how to use the equipment and instruments. For the past year, any issues that may have arisen was quickly addressed by Tim and his staff. I would recommend Digital Way Services for any park that may be contemplating Satellite service and installation.” 

—Nova Campground

always prompt to return our call.

“Davis Lakes and Campground spoke with Tim Murry from Digital way Services at an RVAC convention several years ago. Tim installed the cable units at our campground with limited failure. We then contacted Tim again and upgraded to the Smart Box which he recommended and have had great success. Tim has always been there when we have had any issues. I have called him from early in the morning to late at night and Tim has always been prompt to return a call. I would highly recommend using Digital Way for your cable service in your campground or park.” 

—D. Thomas, Davis Lakes and Campground

completed work on time and on budget!

“Digitalway Services has installed CATV systems at two of my RV Parks. Each park was appoximately 150-200 sites. They completed the work on time and on a budget. I have been very happy with the results. I now have 48 channels of crystal clear reception at all sites. The work was accomplished very quickly with minimal disruption to my business and they were quick to resolve any problems. I intended to use them for future installations and would highly recommend them. Feel free to call me for any further information at 281-992-6060″ 

—B. Bryant, Lonestar Jelly Stone

treated our employees with respect.

“In August of this year, Digitalway Services installed cable TV in our campground. The Digitalway emplyees were very cordialand treated our employees with respect. The service they provided was professional and carried out in a reasonable amount of time. It has proven to be of good quality. I would recommend their services to another business.” 

—T. Haith, Oklahoma City East KOA

A pleasure to work with.

“Many times as owner/operator of the park we answer the phones,listen politely and decline the offer. The more I listen to Don Murry’s offer the better it sounded. So began the process to equip our 356 space park with cable TV. Digitalway employees arrived and worked diligently to get everything installed. Tim and his crew were very professional a nd a pleasur to work with. Two weeks later, we have a 48 channel system with a great picture and happy campers. I have also had many offers that wer not what they promised so I called every reference listed. Each phone call revealed the thruth, all satisfied customers.” 

—V. Wickey, Craigs RV Park

installers never bothered our customers.

“We appreciate the professional way our system was installed. Your installers never bothered our customers. Theyy installed the system with our RV park full of customers and we did not have any problems or complaints. We have had customers comment that they have not had a better picture iin any other RV park. The couple was going to recommend our park to thei friends because of the quality of the cable. Our only regret is that we did not change sooner. Thank you for your professional service.” 

—D. Miller, Rockwall RV Park

thank you for beating our expectations!

“It is my pleasure to say thank you and congratulations for beating our expectations on our new cable TV system installed at Badlands/White River KOA. Your install crew was a pleasure to have on site, and we were sad to see them leave. Their strong work ethic and attention to small details delivered a beautifully functional TV system installed in our campground on time and without fuss, just the way it should be. It isn’t often we are impressed, but you managed to impress us and we will recommend your services to anyone in our industry. Good luck in your business.” 

—B. and K. Brown, Badlands White River KOA

we have cable tv and it is wonderful!

“We own the Kentucky Lake/Paducah KOA and have for several years. For the past few years, we were getting more requests for Cable TV. We tried to work with our local cable company and was never able to get anywhere with them. We had the idea of possibly doing something with satellite. We talked with KOA Inc. and no one had any idea information on a system with satellite. Still, I thought it was a good idea. So, we held onto the idea, but were going nowhere with it until one day in 2010, I get a phone call. It was a gentlemen from Texas telling me about a system he had that sounded too good to be true. Naturally I was a bit skeptical. Even though it sounded good, it sounded too good to be true and I was afraid it was. Even so, we kept in touch. Well, I am writing at this time to share a great ending to this story. The gentleman that called is Don Murry. His son is Tim Murry and they own Digitalway Services. We now have Cable TV and it is wonderful!!! These two men are who they say they are and the did what they said they would do. We are happy campers!! We can’t wait for our season to start and really see how happy our campers are going to be. Our reception is great and these two fellows will bend over backwards to make sure everything is good and they are there for you as time goes on. This kind of service is hard to find these days you know!!! Our local cable company could care less if you are getting a signal or not-just pay your bill. I need to call them and thank them for not being interested in getting our business. If your campground is out in the boonies, this is a dream come true for sure!!! Even with a big cable company being available as it should have been for us, we would not even consider it now!! If you have any questions that we can help you with, please feel free to call us. If you are in the need for good cable, we don’t feel you can do any better that going with this program!!” 

—M. and J. Wilson, Kentucky Lake Paducah KOA

we have over 250 drops at two parks with cable and wifi.

“My name is Ronnie Bower. I am the owner of Rustic Creek RV Ranch Resort and RV Ranch of Keene. Both parks are 250 plus sites. We have always tried our best to ensure that our customers have a great experience. Just like all other park owners, we deal with all sorts of day to day issues such as electrical and water. We all know that our customers want dependable Cable TV and WIFI more than anything wether they stop for a night or they are long term. We have had a long battle with having quality cable TV in our parks. Many sites were either too low on signal or none at all. We realized that something had to be done. We also came to the conclusion that technology is changing quickly. We wanted to be able to offer HD programming to our customers but without having to deal with receiver boxes for each customer. This is where Digitalway Services came into the picture. I called Tim Murry and began the process of our TV upgrade. Tim and his company were everything and more from what I had heard. They were able to get a proposal to me very quick. I found out that Digitalway Services could offer the HD programming that we desired and without having to have receiver boxes. Tim and his company came and installed both of my parks, which are full most of the time. They did all of this in a professional and timely manner. When they were finished, we could not even tell where they had buried the cable because they were so clean and neat. When all was said and done, we were able to give all of our customers 64 crystal clear HD channels. Given the opportunity to do it all over again, I would use Digitalway Services in a heartbeat. I recommend Digitalway Services to anyone looking to put quality TV in their park.” 

—R. Bowyer, Rustic Creek Resort Ranch

200% picture improvement

“Digital Way Services recently upgraded my cable system to dish services, I have known Brent from Digital Way Services for several years and he is always a pleasure to deal with. Recently I had the pleasure of dealing with Tim and the install crew, very polite very accommodating, professional easy to work with. The crew was also very hard working and made sure everything was completed correctly and in a timely fashion. As for the tv service the picture improvement was 200% over the analog system I had from direct TV before this upgrade. They also took a couple of parts from my old system and installed them in the new system to allow me to transmit my campcast channel through out the park. Also if you receive air tv in your area you can utilize this to get local channels without having to pay for them from Dish. What a great deal, better picture, more channels, both digital and analog ( for your guest that still have older TV’s) and my monthly bill was less than before.

None of this next part was in any way Digitalways problem, this is just a heads up. The new smart box system requires a static IP address so that digital way can perform maintenance and updates. This part of the process was painful only because of the time spent with my internet provider to get me a static IP for each store and then to get it working properly. After the pain of getting my name added to one of the 2 accounts so I was allowed to make changes to the system, their it department and their billing department forgot to talk to each other so after everything was supposedly handled it took 4 more calls to make everything work. None of this process was in any way digital ways problem, I just wanted everyone to know this is a process and a very necessary one, so start a little early and make sure you have enough IP addresses for all your needs, in my case I needed 3 in one park and one in the other park. Thank you to everyone at digital way for all the help and for the great service from the staff and guests at Las Vegas KOA at Sams Town.” 

—C. Spencer, Las Vegas KOA at Sams Town

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