Internet Solutions

Move at the Speed of Data with High-performance Internet Solutions for Your Property

More Than Just Internet.

Today’s properties require more than just connecting it’s patrons to the internet. Today’s guests and residents demand customized solutions, high-security, impressive speeds, enhanced accessibility, and more.

Deliver real value, improve the guest experience, and earn more revenue through concierge-like services securely connected and accessible through on-premise cable internet connection.

Our team is backed by combined decades of experience helping businesses in the hospitality industry leverage data, WiFi and internet solutions to better operations, reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance the user experience with your brand.

Commercial Internet Options

Getting Your Property Connected to the Right Network Solution

Did you know that the bandwidth requirements of users have been growing at a pace near 50% each year? Is your location ready to meet the increased challenges of today’s users?

At Digitalway Services we help you anticipate and meet technological challenges with professional cable installation, fiber optic installation, and WiFi that helps you get more from your data services.

Whether you’re looking to overcome short-term performance gaps, prepare for future growth, or deal with on-site expansions or renovations, we can help.

Committed to Providing Advanced, Reliable and Affordable Data Solutions

Accessible, dependable, secure and fast internet connectivity is a ‘must-have’ for all hospitality businesses. Let our team help you find the perfect solution for your location. Our fiber optic cabling installers, data cabling installers and WiFi technicians can quickly and efficiently outfit your site with everything you and your guests need.

Benefits of Working With DigitalWay Services

Why Fiber Optic Installation?

Fiber optic cable is durable, secure, and fast. Advancements in fiber optic technology enable you to transfer more data faster than DSL and cable. This means better communication, reduced downtime, improved efficiency, and a better overall user experience on the network.

Our data cabling installers can be in and out fast, working with you on your time, not ours. We’ll ensure minimal to no disruption of your normal operations, having your network up and running quickly.

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